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China Adjustable Medical Oxygen Mask for Single Use (Green, Adult Elongated with Tubing), Find details about China Venturi Mask, PVC Oxygen Mask from Adjustable Medical Oxygen Mask for Single Use (Green, Adult Elongated with Tubing) - Tylenol Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. China Disposable Medical Oxygen Mask with Different Sizes Medical PVC Oxygen Mask Respiratory care series Oxygen mask is the medium concentration mask with oxygen tube, generally we use this mask to delivery oxygen to help those people who lack of the oxygen. It's a mask with 7ft tubing, transparent color or green color available. SPECIFICATION

China Green PVC Venturi Oxygen Mask with Diluter - China

Standard 2.1M oxygen delivery tubing, length could be customized. CE marked OEM is acceptable. Description:The venturi mask, is a medical device to deliver a known oxygen concentration to patients on controlled oxygen therapy. Venturi masks able to provide total inspiratory flow at a specified FiO2 to patients therapy. China Multi Adjustable Oxygen Venturi Mask - China Venturi Multi Adjustable Oxygen Venturi Mask is Adjustable oxygen concentration Venturi Mask Kit with Adjustable Venturi Oxygen Mask with tubing (with 6 Diluters)High concentration mask. Specifications 1.Adjustable Venturi Oxygen Mask :1. Be with 6 different colors of dilutors 2. Face mask, venturi, adult, single useLength of the oxygen tube:1.5 to 2 m preferred. Describe lengths available Material:mask and made from medical grade PVC Anti-crush tubing is terminated with a standard connector Single use, non-sterile item. Adult size SUPPLIED WITH 1 x oxygen tubing 2.1m (7 feet) 7 x differently sized ports, color coded ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS

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Jul 27, 2017 · A Venturi mask -- also known as an air-entrainment mask -- is a medical oxygen delivery mask that utilizes a flow meter to deliver a precise amount of oxygen. Venturi masks are indicated for use in those individuals experiencing chronic or acute respiratory distress, or when an arterial blood gas result indicates a need. Medical Oxygen Mask Adult with 2.1m tubing from China Medical Oxygen Mask Adult with 2.1m tubing . Product Description. Oxygen Mask is compose by aerosol mask and oxygen tubing that covers the mouth and nose and is hooked up to an oxygen tank. It delivers oxygen directly to the patient. Features. Made of medical grade PVC. Medium concentration. Adjustable nose clip. Available with 7ft or 2m anti Oxygen Masks, cannulas and Headsets and tubing- The Oxygen Masks, Cannula, Headsets, Venturi Valves Tubing & Connectors Intersurgical EcoLite , adult, oxygen mask with tube, 2.1m 1135015. £5.60 Inc VAT. Add to Basket. Oxygen Tubing Connector For Invacare Homefill PMCD22-02. £29.40 Inc VAT. Add to Basket. Economy, Anaesthetic face mask, size 4, medium adult, 22F.


Adjustable nose clip, with anti-crush 7ft, tubing. The masks are available with various oxygen diluters to accommodate child to adult patient. Complete diluter jets range from 24% to 50%:blue 24%, white 28%, orange 31%, yellow 35%, red 40%, pink 50% and green 60%. Respiratory support for adult patients with COVID19 The mask uses an air/oxygen entrainment device (venturi) to more precisely mix air and oxygen. Each FiO 2 level is achieved with a snapon venturi, which specifies the oxygen flow rate to achieve the selected FiO 2. Oxygen flow rates are specified, and typically vary from 2 to 15 L/min. Respiratory support for adult patients with COVID19Non-rebreather masks (NRBs) offer a safe way to provide supplemen-tal oxygen to COVID-19 patients as the mask helps to limit the dis-persion of droplets. NRB masks can provide supplemental oxygen up to a level of approximately 90% at flow rates approaching 15 L/min.13 To prevent hypercapnia, the reservoir bag must remain inflated at all

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ASP Medical is an ASP Global Company. ASP Global is a partner to health systems, providing med-surg supplies, custom products, and patient preference items. By giving health systems control over cost and product design, we help our partners reach their savings targets and patient experience goals. Venturi Mask with Six Diluters Oxygen TherapyVenturi Masks with six Diluters are considered high-flow oxygen therapy devices, because venturi masks are able to provide total inspiratory flow at a specified FiO2 to patients therapy, consist of multiple diluters, which are usually color-coded, in order to set the desired FiO2. It is placed over the nose and mouth of patients who is being suffered from breathing hard. WellleadAdjustable Venturi Mask The star lumen tubing can ensure oxygen flow even if the tube is kinked. Pediatric standard, with.2.1m tubing 41123200 Pediatric elongated, with.2.1m tubing 41114100 Adult standard,without tubing 41114200 Adult elongated,without tubing 41113100

2.1M (7 FT)Three-Channel Oxygen Supply Tubing, 2002

2.1M (7 FT)Three-Channel Oxygen Supply Tubing, 2002 . Three-Channel Oxygen Supply Tubing, 2002/1174003 Special design has three inside channels that help prevent the

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